Shalaye – Resist The Urge to Shalaye

Resist The Urge to Shalaye
Like a whirlwind, the term, shalaye had made it to the front screens of social media; sending great frenzy and excitement among youths. Just like every concept, shalaye has its origin and meaning. It can be traced to a post on twitter in which a youth was carrying a yellow placard with the inscription, “Always resist the urge to shalaye.” Shalaye is a Yoruba word that means, “ unnecessary explanation”
So, why must we resist the urge to shalaye? The benefits are worthwhile. The excesses that come with too much explanation are not worth the gains. Firstly, every human is distinctively made so is the uniqueness of our understanding and perception. Your efforts to further elaborate or explain a decision you made will only lead to varying understanding, perceptions, and reactions. Thus, it is very necessary to resist that urge to shalaye. Our ability to have different perceptions as human will always be constant and can not be altered.

Also, the quietness of some is often presumed to be smartness until it is proven otherwise. This is a great reason to embrace that spirit that resists shalaye. Even the Bible encourages us to do the same in Proverbs 10 when it says, the man that restrains his lips is wise. And when words are many sin is unavoidable. The principle here is simple – if you want to look wise and be respected before men you must not shalaye; or better still, do less of it.

Finally, when you shalaye a lot then you are most likely a bad communicator. An attribute of every good communicator is the ability to talk less and listen more. To communicate effectively you must resist the urge to shalaye.

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