5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The concept of “comfort zone” simply refers to a situation we find ourselves in which we feel very much at ease and our ability and qualities are not being tested nor challenged.

Leaving our comfort zone helps us to prepare for big challenges and changes that we come across in our life. Some of these challenges and changes may be unplanned. This spice up our lives makes us more creative and increases our drive and productivity.

Here are five ways we can get out of our comfort zone without much hassle.

Seek and Consider the Point of View from Others

On a daily basis we make conscious and subconscious decisions in life which shape the way we live our lives. In other to reshape our lives from a different perspective we may seek the opinions of others on certain decision we are about taking in our lives.

Expose Yourself to Unusual Movies and Novels

Just ask yourself, “What is that movie or novel my friends would never expect me watch nor read?” Write down the title and go for it! The perception and expectation of people about you are what speak volume and defines our comfort zone. Strife to go against the imaginary boundary you’ve created for yourself.

Take a Different Route to Your Daily Work Place

Perhaps you have been taking the same route to your work place for over several years, maybe this is the perfect time to try out a different one. Taking a different route feeds your senses with with new exciting views, feeling and smell. This indirectly reduces boredom.

Cook a New Dish

There are thousands of delicacies you probably have not tasted. Ironically, the delicacies you probably have tasted are less than one per cent of these. You can start by looking up for the ingredients needed for preparing any of the meals you are less likely to cook. If they are within your reach get the ingredients and prepare the meal.

Find a Unique Way to Express Your Love

You can spice up your love life by going out of your comfort zone and expressing your love in a unique way. Besides the common ways of sending SMS, flowers and other methods. Come up with something different and special like putting love note in spouse pocket.

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