The Story Of Baby Kiano And How An Institution Becomes The Enemy Of Its Very Purpose

Deserted, abandon and left at the brinks of death, Kiano has endured torrid time right from birth. First, he was rejected by his biological mum that ought to be an epitome of love. Again, the outstretched arm of love towards him had been cut short by the very institution that ought to take the place of his absconded parents

In early 2016, two babies were discovered in a plastic bag under a tree back in Kenya. Both kids were in terrible condition and had been left exposed all night to cold and wild creatures. They were in agony and anguish, in need of care and love. The baby on top of kiano was James his twin brother. He had strange scratches in his body suspected to be cuts from wild animals and a broken arm.

They were taken to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the brother to Kiano couldn’t make it, he died while the life of Kiano was in a dire state. Doctors in the hospitals had recommended special care for Kiano if he were to pull through. His life expectancy was low, those around him were helpless and were only awaiting the cold hand of death to soon rest upon him.

Coincidentally, for Kiano help was on the way one. One that only turns out to be a bittersweet experience. Ms Diasy Mazzoncin, a foreigner from the United States was on vacation in Kenya. She heard about the incidence, moved by compassion and desire to help paid a visit to Kiano and took care of his medical expenses single-handedly. He was house in Jean Petty Legacy Home, a place that is under scrutiny and investigation over the death of several kids under their care. Consequently, they lost their license and Kiano was taken to Mogra Children’s Home, a place that already houses more than it’s capacity, over 300 babies.

Ms Diasy and her husband have been married for over five years without a child. After months of care supports and regular visit to Kiano, they develop an emotional bound for the baby but the condition of Kiano never improve instead it grew worse. On some occasions, Kiano had seizures that last into hours and often rushed to hospital with the Mazzoncin family footing all bills without any form of support.

They opted to adopt the kid but the laws of Kenya forbids foreigners from adopting kids rather they can apply for Guardianship, an option they explore.

This further begs the question; a nation or an institution that lacks jobs and can not fend or take of its populace why then should it turn down an offer to help? And how different is this from taking alms from other nations to sustain your existence? Alternatively, Nations with similar law can recommend adoption with a limited level of supervision prior to when the kid attain a certain age.

After rigorous process they got the Legal Guardianship but not without opposition from Mogra Home officials and lawyers. Mogra Homes have sort for joint guardianship in a law court but lost. They keep making a threat to the family of Mazzoncin knowing full well that can not provide for the need for Kiano. The health condition of Kiano didn’t get better. He was recommended for urgent medical care abroad.

The process of taking a kid under Guardianship oversees for medical care was a tough one. The family of Mazzoncin were daunting due to love for Kiano they were persistent. They were subject to numerous intimidation, scrutiny embarrassment from officials of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya ( CWSK) of  Kenya. This was after Mogra Homes officials had levelled allegations of plans by the family to run with the kid and lack of care for Kiano by the Mazzoncin.  These allegations were investigated and found to be false.

On the 4th of April, 2019, thirteen men in no uniform and suspected to be officials of Kenya police or Mogra Homes violently forced their way into Mazzoncin home. They came with no court order or warrant and abducted three-year-old sicky Kiano an up until nothing haven been held of Kiano.

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