Chemical Castration: A Punishment That Defies Its Purpose

Some crimes are heinous, somewhat indefensible. They lack the moral ground to be a contest in a law court. But, in some cases in our quest for justice, we cross the limits and defeat the same purpose for which laws and punishment are put in place in the first place.

The search for a preventive justice system has taken lawmakers in Alabama to a new realm. In the fight against child sexual offences, lawmakers in Alabama have passed a law that enforces mandatory castration of child sexual offenders.

In the new law, offenders that abuse kids that are below 13 years will undergo medical chemical treatment before their release from prison. In this process, which they consider as a means to protect kids against sexual offenders, drugs will be administered to the offender before and after their release from prison design to debilitate their sexual urge.

The cost of such treatment which runs into 1000 dollars will be bored by the offender with the court deciding the duration of such treatment.

Besides dampening sexual urge by reducing the strength of erection, this new procedure comes with other side effects such as, increasing the chances of diabetes, loss of hair, obesity and even increases chances of a heart attack.

 This procedure is callous, inhumane and ineffective in managing and preventing child sexual abuse.

Firstly, child abuse offences are not as a result of medical conditions. If medical reasons were to be the reason for committing such a crime then the number of offenders will run into thousands. Child abuse is as a result of mismanaged anti-social behaviour and psychological issue. Adopting a medical procedure to treat the anti-social or psychological problem will not bring the needed solution.

The best practice should be a gradual process of rehabilitation reintegration into society.

Furthermore, although those that are involved in committing such offence are considered as are criminals they have rights. Forcing the same to undergo such an unnatural and gruesome procedure constitution an infringement.

For a nation that is notorious for controversial sex-related laws, Alabama seems to be getting it wrong again. Alabama forbids abortion in all stages of pregnancy regardless of the reason surrounding such pregnancy. Rape victims and those involved in incest are made to endure the extra shame that could come with it especially if it leads to pregnancy. This already is enough issue that needed to be rectified.   

Mans’ quest for justice can be infinite and insatiable. But we forgot, no amount of justice served will be enough to reconcile our pains and loss instead we only multiply the number of those in agony.

The purpose of laws is not to victimize anyone but to correct an anomaly and prevent the recurrence of such. Stricter laws will only make room for smarter and crueller offenders if the underlying factors are noted and dealt with from the root.

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